Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Day 14 - a "No Training Day"

Well, here it is, June 1st and the 14th day of training. Can't believe I been at this for two weeks today and still can't manage to run a complete mile. I apparently had high hopes! I was told today that unfortunately I was an "all or nothing type of gal" and apparently pushing myself too hard. Here I was thinking I was not pushing enough.

We were supposed to have our "Stretching/Exercise Training" Session with the Team in Training group tonight. I was so looking forward to it since I thought that perhaps I would learn something to help alleviate the pain and issues I was having with my right leg. Needless to say, they cancelled the training and they are doing a repeat of last weeks "Proper Shoes/Gear" Training since several people did not come last week. Poop!! I say, those people can learn shoes/gear another time - I need my stretching!!! Well, no one cares what I think so I didnt have a meeting tonight since I didn't need a repeat of last week.

Then to top that off, due to the pain I been having for two days, I was instructed I needed to take two days off of walking or running and "rest". I don't "rest" very well, but I guess I need to in order to prevent an unnecessary injury. Hopefully come Thursday I can get back out there and be better than ever. How am I supposed to manage a half-marathon when I am sitting on my butt?!

I was happy though that when I got home I got notice that someone gave a donation on my fundraising website that pushed me over the $500 mark!!!! Thanks Mr. Brooks!!! So, now I don't feel a total let down to the LLS today - at least I got a donation when I'm sitting on my butt! :)


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