Friday, October 30, 2009

Meet your new best friend!

Well......the above photo doesn't look like much does it? In fact you are probably thinking what in the world is that? Is it a square of parmesean cheese? A pat of butter? Spongebob Square Pants in the nude? It is not none of those things. What this little 2" x 2" little square your next best friend!!!!

I know you don't believe me now, but once you meet him, you will totally understand! This is actually an Adhesive Remover that is sold by Stampin' Up! and me and him have became very close this past week.

Have you ever designed a card, a scrapbook layout or some other papercrafting project only to get to the very end and notice that the back of the project is covered with glue that was stuck to your surface and has now adhesived itself to the back of your project? Or, sometimes you may glue on that last layer on the front of your card only to have a little extra glue or adhesive "sticking out" from that beautiful layer? Then what do you do? You probably do what I used to do and try to scrape it off with your nail or rub it with your finger and then you have usually a little black globby mess or a smudge on your beautiful artwork, right? Well - say goodbye to adhesive smudges and helllloooooo to your new little best friend!

This little guy works just like an eraser does for pencil marks! You simply rub it nice and easy across any little pieces or smudges of adhesive on your artwork and voila! It disappears with ease and no tell-tale smudge marks remain on your project!

You can pick up one of these little cuties on my Stampin' Up! site by clicking the "Shop Now" button up on the right corner of my blog or just by giving me a call or an email! The item number is 103684. The best part - - this little guy is only $3.50 and last foreva!

Hope everyone has a great Friday and an even better weekend!

Stampingly yours,

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Turkey Nuggets - Kids Craft

Good morning!! I have another post to share with you today that is for the kids. I will warn you the photo I have is horrible since I had to take it with my cell phone in order to get it posted this morning, but I will try to get a better picture and post in the next couple of days when I can get home before dark so I have some good lighting to take it with.

This is definitely a children's project - nothing fancy about it - but something I thought some of you would like to make with your children for the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday as I have had a couple of request for crafts that smaller children can do.

This little turkey would probably look a little more "substantial" if you used a Hershey Nugget candy bar rather than a mini-hershey bar, but I had to use what I had on hand! The Nugget's are just a little taller and would give a little better support to the head and tail feathers. Another cuter addition would be to use the tiny little googley eyes that you can find at any craft store. I only had really big googley eyes so I had to improvise with just hole punched paper.

The supplies you will need to make this little guy is Stampin' Up!s Scalloped Circle Punch (Item 109043) $15.95 and the 1" circle punch (Item No. 109046) $10.95. Then of course a candy bar of your choice along with various "turkey color" cardstocks. In my sample, for his body I used Chocolate Chip Patterned Designer Paper, along with Yoyo Yellow and Pumpkin Pie cardstock for the feathers. His little face was a circle from Creamy Caramel Cardstock and then his beak is simply a 1/2" square of Yoyo yellow cardstock folded in half.

I got this idea from another SU! demonostrators blog, Kimberley Morris . Her little flock of turkeys are very cute and have a much better photo if you would like to check hers out. She used the googley eyes which also makes the turkeys much more cuter. Once I get to the store to buy some of those little eyes and some Nugget bars, I will certainly make a much more proper turkey to post, but wanted to share this idea with you this morning while it was hot on the brain!

Make it a great day!


Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Pumpkin Carving Time

Sorry ladies, no cute cards or projects today. Last night was "Family Night" with pumpkin carving on the agenda. So, since I did not get a chance to create last night, figured I'd at least share the photos of the carving events with you!

Hope you have a great day and do something fun that you want to do do! Tonight I am hoping to get ready for an upcoming workshop I have at my friend's Sharon's house and then hopefully have some time to also create some Thanksgiving treats. Stay tuned!


Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Loads of Christmas Love - November Stamp Camp Project #2

Happy Tuesday bloggers! This is going to be a quick post, but I didn't want to miss out on posting today. Below is a picture of one of the holiday cards we will be doing at the November Stamp Camp. In my September Stamp Camp all the ladies just LOVED the Loads of Love Stamp Set with the pickup truck and all the many accessory stamps that comes with it. Since one of the stamps in the set just happened to be a Christmas Tree I could not resist making up a card for them to create next month! I love the way it turned out with the tree looking like it is sitting down in the truck instead of the whole thing teetering on the hood or something. I got this look by using the technique "masking" which I think will be a new technique for most of my regular ladies that attend the Stamp Camp.

If you would like to join us for next month's edition of Holiday Stamp Camp, be sure to drop me a note or shoot me an email. As mentioned before, the cost is $15.00, but that class fee is waived if you decide to place an order of $25 or more on the day of the class. Of course, no purchase necessary though! I am also offering the November stamp Camp as a "kit to go" for those of you that cannot attend the class in person. For $17.00 I will pre-stamp all the images and send them to you along with all the pre-cut pieces for all projects with photos for illustration on how to put all items together.

Have a great week. I hope to be back tomorrow with more news to share!

Stampingly yours,


Monday, October 26, 2009

November Stamp Camp Project #1 - Dasher Gift Card Holder

Wow!!! What a crazy month it has been and it flew by so fast! Sorry I have not been posting on here at all this month. No matter how hard I try to find the time to post, there just never is enough time in the day. Know what I mean? Well, I am starting a new little "time management" course this week and hopefully that will help me in staying focused on getting everything done that I would like to get done. We shall see!

Anyhoo - the next Stamp Camp classes is scheduled for November. Because of everyone's busy schedule with the start of the upcoming holidays, I am offering this stamp camp twice in November. The first one is scheduled for Saturday, November 14 at 10:00 a.m. and the second will be the following Saturday, November 21, again at 10:00 a.m. As always, Stamp Camp fee is $15.00 which includes all projects. However, if you place an order with me that day of $25.00 or more, your class fee is waived for the day!

In November we will be creating a couple different Christmas Cards, some gift tags and a Gift Card Holder. Below is one of the projects we will be creating next month. I hope you like it as much as I do! When you untie the brown bow at the bottom, the card opens up to reveal a pocket for a Gift Card! (or it will hold cash just as well!). With so many people giving Gift Cards these days, I thought this would make a cute project for everyone to make and something just about anyone can use!

Stay tuned as I will be posting a few of the other items we will be making next month throughout the next couple of weeks for you to see. If you want to attend either (or both) of the classes in November, please leave me a comment here or shoot me an email. The seats are already filling up as I have limited seats for each class.

Make it a great week!