Thursday, June 3, 2010

Day 16 - What a day!

As I indicated yesterday, dad was having his gall bladder surgery today. He was scheduled for 2:30 so my boss said I could leave and head to the hospital to see him when he came out of surgery, which was my plan all day. Luckily I called dad to chat before surgery this morning and let him know I'd be there and check in on him later, because after that, my day just pretty much went downhill.

I have been struggling with a lingering cough the last couple of months and 3 weeks ago the doctor had put me on some medication that was supposed to "knock it out". Told me if it returned after 2 weeks to call him immediately. Well, I finally called him today - I know - a week late - and told him as soon as I went off the medication the coughing returned and has progressively got worse. Made an appointment with the nurse to go see him next week. Five minutes later got another call back and said I couldn't wait til next week and I needed to be at his office by 4:00 today. Well - - no biggy, that gave me time to at least pop in to see dad when he got out of surgery at 3:00 and then rush to Summerville - WRONG!

Left work to head to hospital but was told by mom that dad would go straight to recovery until probably 4:00 or later. seeing dad.

Went to doctor, where I was put on more medication for next 5 days and if that don't cut it, have to go for some further pulmonary testing. What fun!! Then while I was there and having to pay my $30 co-pay, figured I could kill two birds with one stone and went ahead and mentioned my leg pain assuming the doctor would simply say "push on girlie - you are simply out of shape!" Well, that ain't what he said. Instead, he said "Oh, you might have a stress fracture, let's send you for xrays." WHAT?!?! REALLY?!! I dont have time to sit and "rest" any more doc. So....there I went and hobbled off to xray and now I am doing more sitting and waiting for results. Grrrrr.

Came home to "lay down for 5 minutes" then will go see dad. Well, 2 1/2 hours later at 8:10 p.m. woke up. Where did my day go?!? Called dad and chatted with him, he seemed to be a little doped up but otherwise said he was doing fine and would be released in the morning and they had already had him up and walking the halls. Good news!

Tonight however, my legs (even the one I didn't have xray'd) was really bothering me. Remember yesterday how I said I was supposed to rest but made cards instead? I guess standing up on my legs for 3 hours at my craft table has taken its toll and wasn't a very good idea. :( Then again, I told you before I didn't do this "rest" thing very good.

So, here's to hoping the doctor will call me in the morning with a "clean bill of health" to return to running/walking tomorrow and my legs will feel like new when I wake up.


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