Saturday, May 30, 2009

Up, Up and Away!!!!!!

Well, today me and Jessica joined my friend Cindy and her girls, Kaylee and Kendall, to go see Disney's new movie UP in 3-D. I am not one that usually watches Disney Pixar movies, and neither is Jessica, but since the boys were away 4-wheeling today we thought we would have a girl's afternoon and check out this new movie. After all - you got those groovy 3-D glasses to wear during the movie - right!

Well......I still cannot decide whether I liked the movie or not. I don't want to say too much on here in case some of you might want to go see it, but all I can say is SAD, SAD and more SAD! Who wudda thunk? Here I thought I was going to see some cute little kiddie cartoon movie - - it was not! Yeah, it had cute parts with the talking dog and the cute little "Wilderness Explorer Boy", but SAD and more SAD was just sprinkled throughout the entire movie. My dear ole friend Cindy did point out right before the movie started that "someone" was going to be hitting the big 4-0 in less than 25 days (Yes, Kendall, I am the one your mother was talking about!!) Poor little Kendall, was like, "Who, who, who is?" thinking it was her! LOL. Well, anyways maybe at age 39++ I am just getting emotional at movies....who knows, but it was just sad, and I let everyone with me know I did not like all that sadness on a Saturday afternoon.

Overall, the movie was cute and had a good message, although I think a lot of it was over small children's heads.

If I did not have enough sadness at that movie, we came home and Jessica wanted to watch Hotel for Dogs on TV since we could not find anything else to watch on the 500 channels we have and darn if that movie didn't have sad parts in it too (I am a sucker for dogs though and any dog being chased by a mean old dog catcher is going to get me moody!). Anyways, today we had a good day. Tomorrow my plan is to kick butt on cleaning up this house and then spend the afternoon trying to be crafty and create some greeting cards. I been stalking so many good blogs the last two weeks or so, about time for me to get crafty and post some of my own!

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

Friday, May 29, 2009

What's in the Bag???

FREEBIES - - -that's what! Yes, you guessed is that time again at Harris Teeter when they triple manufactures coupons and I go and get me some free stuff. I was a little late getting there this week so a lot of stuff was sold out already, but I still managed to get right at $24.00 worth of stuff for a whopping $2.51!!!! (Only spent that much because I splurged on buying this snazzy recyclable 99 cents Harris Teeter shopping bag!

So......what's in the bag? Let's see what I was able to get today....

1 can Betty Crocking Frosting

1 bag Mahatma Rice

1 Dawn Dish Liquid

2 Hormel Chicken N Dumpling Meals - I know, I don't like them either but the kids will eat them.

1 Spray N Wash - necessary to get the muddy stains from little Js baseball pants

2 bags of Snyder Pretzel Nibbles

1 Harris Teeter handy dandy grocery bag.

So....basically I paid $2.51 for a $2.99 bag of pretzel nibbles and got everything else for FREE! My favorite word!

What are you getting FREE this week! Share your deals!

Monday, May 25, 2009


Today was not only Memorial Day, but it also happened to be my mom's birthday!

While the rest of our familiy was up in Kentucky for the Memorial Day Festivities, we stuck around town. One of us had to work today, the new "driver" of the family decided she was going to take "kid brother" for his first ride with her with no adult supervision and go to lunch and the movies and leave ole mom at home alone. I didn't know whether to cry since I was going to be alone and my baby was growing up and venturing out in the world, or should I jump for joy since I had the house to myself for several hours today and I didn't have to drive anyone anywhere and drop off and pick-up. Let's just say I opted for the "Woo Hoo - I'm home alone!"

In the midst of trying to do a little cleaning (not much mind you), laundry (did get several piles of these done today) and cooking dinner for my mom for her birthday, I decided to put my last 3 weeks of cake decorating classes to the test and make my mom a birthday cake - - - including the dreaded Rose! (We have not learned this in class yet, that is this week's lessson.) However, I decided to ignore the "Do not attempt the rose on your own at home, that is for professionals" lecture from the teacher and go for it. Well, 2 cake mixes, 3 batches of made from scratch butter cream icing and 3 hours later I thought I did a pretty darn good job. Not perfect roses mind you, but when the entire family returned home this evening and my mom joined us for dinner, I did not once have to explain what the large pink blob was in the middle of the cake, they all knew they were roses and I even had one comment "That looks like you bought it from the store." Awwww, how sweet was that even if they may not have really meant it. :oD

Well, here is a picture of my cake. Perhaps after I am professionally trained in two days I can post a picture with more realistic looking roses, until then, I am happy with what I accomplished today!

Hope everyone had a safe and fun Memorial Day and hope mom enjoyed her birthday!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Somewhere over the rainbow.......

Well, after 3 hours of making icing til 1:00 in the morning on Tuesday night and having to talk myself into not quiting the class before I even made my first cake, here is my finished very first decorated cake from class. It's not perfect and yes, I know, the name is not centered, but I still don't think it's too bad for my first cake!

Since Jessica ended up with some nasty flu the entire week of her 16th birthday and had to sleep through her party while her friends were outside in the pool having fun, I went ahead and decided to make this her second 16th birthday cake. I mean, she didnt even get a taste of the one I had professionally made for the party, so I figure this is the second best thing. She has not saw it yet so I hope she likes it. No, she doesn't really "like" rainbows, but this was the design we had to make for class, so she is getting a rainbow!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Upcoming Notecard Class

I can not take credit for the design of this very cute personalized notecard, that credit I must give to my CTMH upline, Amy. However as soon as I saw her cards that she had prepared, I just knew I had to make some as well! I think these would make the cutest graduation gifts, birthday gifts, bridal shower gifts, pretty much any gift that you need for any woman on your list (that includes a set for yourself as well!) !

I am offering a class to make a set of six (6) notecards, along with a matching metal notecard holder, on Sunday, June 7th. If you would like to take the class, or would like more information about this class or other classes I have to offer, please let me know! Can't make it that day, or live out of town???? No problem - this workshop is also available as a "Workshop on the Go". Be sure and email or call me to register for the class, or kit on the go, before May 20 so that all supplies can be ordered and received on time.

Stay tuned as I will posting information on upcoming Scrapbook Workshops, Father's Day class for the kids and much more!

Make it a great week!

Friday, May 8, 2009

Cake Decorating Class has Began! it is. The famous "Parchment Paper Decorator Bag". I know, how exciting is that! I didn't think very much so either!

I been thinking about taking a Cake Decorating Class for the past month. I finally went and signed up last week and it is a 4 week class with one 2-hour lesson each week. Wednesday night I went for my very first class. Was curious what we were going to be doing since we were told to only bring a notebook and pen to the first class and I had not purchased one stinking supply yet. Well......this is what we learned. How to take a huge piece of parchment paper that was shaped like a triangle and shape it into a decorating bag! I of course was the one person in the class that raised their hand and was like "Can't I buy disposable bags already made without having to go through paper folding?" I mean - if I wanted to fold paper I would have signed up for the Origami class right?!

Well - then I folded it and the teacher told me it was a perfect job! So, of course, now I am wanting to go buy me some huge triangles and make some decorator bags! It is not very often someone tells me I am doing something perfect so I better just keep on making them so I can be called perfect some more right! Of course, I come home and show my "better half" my perfectly shaped parchmant bag and he was like "Oh, that is what you been doing for 2 hours?" He obviously didn't appreciate my PERFECT bag!

Stay tuned - next week's class we get to actually decorate a cake - of course I will be using my "perfect" parchment bags made by me!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

How does a sink fill itself up??

Am I the only one in America that has a sink that automatically fills itself up with dirty dishes without anyone's help? I mean really........I leave home with the dishwasher full and running; washing all the dirty dishes that was in the sink and when I return home late in the evening the dishwasher is full of CLEAN dishes but the sink has miraculously been completely filled with dirty dishes but no one in the house seems to know where they came from!! Apparently I need to go buy a new kitchen sink from Lowe's since mine must clearly have a malfunction since it creates its own dirty dishes!

This is what happened.......I left home yesterday morning, and as described above, left the sink empty with the dishwasher running with all the dirty dishes in it. I got to work and work a full 8 hours, go to the gym and put in an hour long workout there, go get gas, go to Walgreens, get about 3 text from family members at home asking me to pick up other things that they need and whenI get home, about 11 hours after the time I left that morning, I find a sink full of dirty dishes. However, no one seems to know where they came from since all I constantly hear when this happens (yes, this has happened before) is "Those aren't mine."
While taking my shower last night I was trying to determine if I needed to (a) save up money to buy a new kitchen sink since clearly mine is broken, (b) anytime I find dirty dishes in the sink, simply throw them in the garbage since they clearly don't belong in the house since no one seems to know where they came from or (c) let them continue to pile up to the ceiling to see if someone eventually lays claim to them. I am heavily leaning towards (b) for time being. If anyone else has one of these sinks that seem to mass produce dirty dishes on their own, please leave a comment with the brand of sink you have so I don't replace it with yet another broken model.

Monday, May 4, 2009

SCORE for me at the Harris Teeter! Woo Hoo!

As I told you before, it does not take much to get me excited these days! I been trying my hand at "Stealth Couponing" the last several weeks and have had some really good deals. I think today was a great deal. See all the stuff I got in the picture? Guess how much I spent? A whopping $2.54! I say "WOO HOO" to that! (And, I also got a Deli Creations Sandwich Meal, but I was so hungry I had to eat it before I took five minutes to take the picture!) So......$26.44 worth of groceries for $2.54 is not a bad day, and lunch included to boot! Got me very excited!!
Thanks to Harris Teeter for their "Triple Coupons" in my area this week. So, I basically bought 2 bottles of mustard and the store threw in everything else for free! If you are not clipping coupons - - what are you waiting for! If this doesn't convince you, then mail me your coupons instead of throwing them away! I'll glady put them to good use.
I am thinking about offering to do people's grocery shopping for them as long as I can keep whatever savings I can get with coupons! hmmmmm.........