Saturday, June 5, 2010

Day 17 & 18 - Cards finally made!

Well, Friday, June 4, was pretty uneventful and nothing too exciting. The doctor did call to say no leg fracture - yeah! But to "take it easy". I been "taking it easy" all week, no more time for taking it easy. However, I heeded his advice today and worked all day and then came home and had dinner out with Jess since the boys were off on a 4-wheeling weekend in the hills of Kentucky. Figured I would rest up since I had full packed weekend of card making, scrap making, cleaning and running to fit in.

But, Saturday, Day 18 of training' I was busy as a bee and loved every minute of it!

Here are some of the cards that we made in our card class this morning and one or two I made after the class while I was watching my "chick flicks" while hubby out of town:

I was waiting all week to watch Julie & Julia this weekend while hubby gone, but could not find it to rent, so I ended up settling for "Leap Year", "Bride Wars", and "Dear John". All pretty good.
Prior to settling down late this evening, I figured I better try out the old legs and see what they were going to let me do. Since the boys were out of town and Jessica was working, I was really worried to do too much since I didnt know if I would end up hurting on the other side of the block and have no one to come pick me up! LOL. So, I actualy only did .6 mile. I know - lame! However, I was able to alternate 1 minute running to 2 minutes of walking for a total of 9 minutes and no pain when I got home! Doctor said to TAKE IT SLOW and not to follow schedule by trainers but to do at my own pace. I go. Tomorrow morning the plan is to get up at at 6:30 so I can try to get in a mile or so. Figured in broad day light if I was laying on side of road perhaps someone would come along and pick me up! LOL
Tomorrow I get to look forward to going to take an actual scrapbook class. I have not gone and taken one myself in probably over 2 years so I am looking forward to actually being a student and not a teacher and to try and get back into my scrapbooking versus card making!
Have a great night!

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