Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Scenic Season Card - Take Two

OK...I'm back once again to see if I can get this picture to load. If you saw yesterday's post you saw that I was finally getting my act together and had squeezed in 15 minutes to my day to be able to update my blog only for the stupid computer to give me an error message when trying to upload. I am this morning hoping the upload works this it goes....keep your fingers crossed.......

Yeah! It worked. So.......if you missed yesterday's post, this is the "sweet and simple" card that my Stamp Camp members asked me to create. They wanted something with only one or two layers of paper and one quick stamp so that they could create a stack of cards in a short period of time. I think this fits the request. This is the Scenic Seasons stamp set from Stampin' Up and it also comes with a verse for the inside of the car as well.

If all goes well, I will be posting pictures the rest of this week of the projects that I am offering during my Santa's Workshop event on December 12. Hope to see you there!

Stampingly yours,


Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Scenic Season - Card #3 for November for Stamp Camp

I'm baaaaack! I know, I know, everytime I get used to blogging on a daily basis, I do it for like a week and then I seem to disappear for weeks on end. This blogging this is really hard to keep going on a daily basis on top of working full time, handling the household and taking time to create. Does not leave much time for sleep, much less taking pictures, uploading to the computer and posting to this blog. I have already made this my #1 resolution for the New Year though, to make time to get this blog done! Ok, enough whining and making excuses.......

Tonight I wanted to share with you the third Christmas Card that we will be making in this weekend's Stamp Camp. Some of "my regulars" asked for a card that was very simple, perhaps a one layer card with one stamp, in order for them to make multiples of. This is the card I came up with. I love this stamp set. You can dress it up and make it a very elaborate card, or use it as I have here for a simple, yet nice, card.

*&#*&%*^*! Ok - here I am, finally trying to update my blog and now I am getting an error message that says "Unable to upload due to internal problem". I am going to just spit!

OK, I'm going to save this little post and exit then come back and hopefully it will allow me to upload my pic.....stay tuned.