Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Me and Arthur Ravenel

the Arthur Ravenel Bridge that is! Yes, here on Day 28 of my training, someone on the team - not mentioning any names - had the bright idea that was it was time to go run the bridge for our run tonight! Ok, you twisted my arm, it was Owen that came up with this bright idea and I let him know that he was not allowed to pick the running paths anymore!

Tonight we had a team meeting over at a physical therapy clinic in Mt. Pleasant to go over different injuries and injury prevention techniques to prepare everyone for their martahons and triathlons. It was interesting and I learned a few different things while there. There was no actual "team run" scheduled for this evening, however about 6 of us came ready to run and decided to head over to the bridge to see what we could do.

Our schedule was to run 3 miles tonight and me and Kim did it - 3.1 actually so that qualified for a 5K! It was definitely a struggle for me to complete, but I did it. After all, once you go running up what seemed to be a 90 degree incline you had to come back down right?! We got yelled at only once for walking in the bike lane, but luckily I was not actually passed out in the bike lane and able to get back over in the proper running/walking lane! :)

Finished it in about 55 minutes for another 17 minute per mile pace. It felt more like 2 hours, so I was pleased as punch when Kim's snazzy little running watch said we did maintain 17 minutes per mile. She is still promising that in another two weeks this running will get easier. We shall see.......

Tomorrow is another cardio day for me so me and hubby will once again head out on the Sawmill Branch Trail to ride our bikes for at least 3 miles. For tonight though, my pillow is calling my name!

Have a great week!


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