Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day!

Happy Father's Day to all the great dads out there!

Today, me and Jeff slept in as much as we possibly could with three dogs in the house. I swear every morning we are able to sleep in, it seems like the dogs need to go potty a lot earlier than normal. Lucky for me, Jeff let me sleep in and he took care of the early morning potty break today since he knew I was flat exhausted from yesterday.

Then, even though it was Father's Day, Jeff got up and treated us to some homemade pancakes. Guess I should have made them since it was Father's Day and all, but they taste so much better when someone else makes them, don't you think?!

Today, day 33 of training, was a "rest day" so I was not required to run, walk, ride a bicycle or anything, which was good since my legs were wobbly from yesterday's run. "Rest Days" have quickly became my favorite day of the week! :) However, today being "Grocery Day" as well, we did make our normal run to the grocery store and grabbed all the deals for the week. We did pretty good, spending about $80 for right at $140 worth of groceries, so not a bad trip after all.

Then, I was pleased as punch when he suggested we go to Outback for dinner!!!! Outback is not one of Jeff's favorite places - - in fact, we have never been since we met back in 2007!! So, when he suggested it, I jumped on the chance faster than white on rice!!

Of course since it was Father's Day we had to wait about 50 minutes, but it was SOOOOO worth it. The best part you ask?????? Was this...............

Sidney's Sinful Sundae!!!!! It has to be hands down the best dessert I have ever had. I was completely stuffed after eating the Bloomin' Onion, the salad, and dinner, but I was not leaving Outback without having this dessert since it may be another 3 years before he is willing to go back!
We have our "Nutrition Counseling" with the TNT members this week. I am sure they will tell me this should not be on my diet for marathon training, but guess what? TOO BAD! I cannot wait to go back and have another already! Hubby almost thought I was going to pick up the bowl and lick the melted ice cream off the bottom, but I did hold back. :) - - barely.
Have a great week!

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