Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Day 22 - Somethings you never forget.....

Like riding a bicycle! So true! I have probably not ridden a bicycle in 6+ years but today I got on mine and went for a little ride. For today's race training, I was supposed to do 30 minutes of "activity". That activity could be swimming, weight lifting, bicycle riding, walking, etc., etc. Well, when you have no pool and no weights, the next thing on the list is a bike, and I actually happened to have one. So, hubby loaded up our bicycles and we headed over to the Sawmill Branch Trail here in Summerville. I have never been on this trail, although I pass it numerous times a day. It was really nice being able to ride on a path and not worry about traffic. I think we may start coming over during day light hours to do our walking and running over here. Can't do much past 8:00 or so however, since there are no lights in this area. But it is definitely a nice, peaceful, quiet area.
This trail is actually 14 miles "round trip" if you take the entire trail, but obviously I did not do that. Little ole me managed to ride 3 miles total. Hubby was ready to keep on going, which I told him he was more than happy to do, but I would just wait at the truck. Being the sweetie that he is, he didn't want to show me up, so we loaded up the bikes and headed back home. That 3 mile ride took me 19 minutes. I will say that I did not "coast" but about 1 minute total since I did try to keep my legs pedaling and not "cheat".
Apparently when you run, you use totally different muscles than when you ride a bicycle. I say that because all the muscles that have not been bothering me since I took on this adventure are now sore. I also apparently had a death grip on my handlebars since even my arms are sore! I am so out of shape - I should not be able to say that though come the end of this adventure!
See you on the trails!

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