Sunday, June 6, 2010

Actually returned to scrapbooking today!

Since I started focusing my crafting on greeting cards the last year or so, I do not think I have scrapbooked at all other than throwing together my very simple wedding album last year. I really want to get back in to it and actually get pictures off of my camera. Pretty sad when a scrapbooker has to show people pictures by letting them skim through photos on her camera! LOL.

Anyhoo, I have never done tear bears and have been wanting to take a class on them for the last few years. I finally found one that was held on a Sunday and that I could actually participate in! Sometimes I think the LSS forget that a lot of people actually WORK during weekday days and they tend to offer the "fun classes" during that time. :( So, off i went today to my LSS and made this layout:

Isn't it cute? Hard to tell from the photo but the bears are actually "fuzzy". They are VERY time consuming to make but I am sure as you make more of them and are home alone (and not in a room with 12 chatty women) it would actually not take too long. The paper you use to make the bears is called Mulberry paper and is kind of a "bumpy" type of paper. You take a little tool or wire brush and actually "pick" or "brush" at the paper to get the fluffy, fuzzy effect. I think it turned out cute for my first one. Not sure if you can see from the picture, but below the word "beach" in the lower left hand corner, there is actually "sand" on the page. I grumbled at the class and was whining and "ewwing" because it was gross and wet. (I don't like messing with gooey, wet things on my scrapbook pages.) Well........needless to say I have to go back to the LSS and now admit to Ivy that I love the effect and actually buy some of the stuff to do it! She is going to give me a hard time - I just know it. Maybe I'll go next week when she is on vacation and then it will be our little secret! :)

I can't wait to get back into my scrapbooking. Would love to be able to actually scrapbook our summer vacation this summer that we are taking next month in the same year that we go on it! LOL

Today was "Day 19" of marathon training. I was so happy to wake up, look at my "training schedule" and see that today is our first "day of rest". I was like woo hoo - finally a day I can meet goal!! LOL So, no running for me today!!!

Going to get rested up and wait for hubby to return home tonight since he has been gone all weekend, so my girlie scrapbooking, card making, chick flick watching weekend is now over.

Have a great week!


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