Thursday, May 27, 2010

Day 9 - Who thought of this idea???

Well, day 9 of Training for TNT half-marathon and I'm thinking "Whose great idea was this?!" Training to run in the dead heat of summer, and summer really isn't even here yet. No worries - I'm still plugging away but today was a bit slow for me. Only fit in a .6 walk/run today. :( But, hey, at least I got out there and did something - right?!

I got home from work and figured I best get my walk/run in before I try to tackle laundry, cooking, etc. so I laced up my tennies, grabbed Romeo's leash and the two of us headed out for what I thought was a 1 mile run. Needless to say - running in sweatpants in 92 degree weather was not the thing to do. (Note to self: go buy some proper running wear this weekend!) Romeo, with his all black fur, was totally agreeing with me since he was heavily panting and telling me "MOM, it's HOT out here!" halfway around the block! So, needless to say we did a .6 mile walk in 10 minutes and ran about 2 minutes worth. Better some than nothing I guess!

Tomorrow the family is taking mom out for her birthday dinner so I most likely wont get a run/walk in tomorrow so I guess I have to pick up the pace for the long holiday weekend. Hope I can find a great deal on some running shorts because I think it is going to be a hot weekend!

Have a safe and enjoyable holiday weekend everyone!


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