Sunday, May 23, 2010

Day 5 - Shoe Fitting Day

Enjoyed a peacful morning sleeping in and then had a nice brunch with my hubby. Afterwards we headed over to Mt. Pleasant to get me properly fitted for some running shoes. I settled on the Ascis Nimbus 11 as my shoe of choice - same shoe I chose yesterday but today was told that was actually a proper fit. :) Found out I have an extremely high arch so I am required to get some insoles to prevent injury. Surprise, Surprise, just more money to spend.
Had a relaxing afternoon with a nice nap and then hubby grilled dinner. By the time we finished that it was almost 10:00. I had not been feeling all to well today so I didn't try to run at all, but we did manage to go for a 1.8 mile walk after dinner and we completed that in 32 minutes. Not bad with no running but a pretty quick walking pace.
This week the goal is to get my 110 fundraising letters sent out along with securing the golf course for an upcoming golf tournament for a fundraiser.
Have a great week!

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