Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Day 7 - First 5K!!!

Well.....technically I didn't run a 5K today, however in my mind I am telling myself I did!

A 5K is a total of 3.1 miles and I did walk/run 3.13 miles today. However, it was not at one time. Today was the official "one week point" of my training. Been training for 7 days straight. Woo Hoo!! Not sure I can tell a big difference in my training yet, but hoping that will improve shortly.

I had a Training Session with my TNT group tonight at a local bicycle/running shop where we learned about proper gear including shoes, clothing, and other runner information. Running is not a cheap sport - don't let anyone tell you otherwise!

Following the meeting, me and Kim headed out to do some training. We ended up completing 1.93 miles with a little running here and there. Since two women gab a lot while they are walking/running, I could not keep track of the actual time I spent running versus walking but I am pretty sure I ran longer intervals that I have been doing this past week. Then, when I got home I ended up taking a quick walk with the hubby and did another 1.2 miles so technically I completed 3.13 miles today which equals a 5K!!

Heading out this evening to buy "the" running shoes. I am using positive thinking that those shoes are going to make a world of difference and I'll be able to pick up pace with running and having no leg pain to allow me to go further. Keep your fingers crossed!!

Oh - on another note - lost 2 lbs this week - bonus!! Happy Birthday Mom!


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