Thursday, June 18, 2009

Muddin "Hillbilly Style"

Didn't have time to be creative this past weekend so no pictures of cute cards or layouts to post today since we went up to the hills of Kentucky for the weekend. It was a very quick 2 day trip so traveling from SC to KY in such a short period of time made for a long trip, but we enjoyed it.

Main reason we went this week was for Jeff's niece's baby shower, however while we were there we had to fit in some 4-wheeling fun, since that would be Jeff's "main reason" to go to Kentucky anytime he gets a chance. Where we go in Kentucky is a coal mining town so the trails we ride on are actually old roads and trails that were cut out by the mining companies to get up into the mountains, strip the mountains and mine for coal. Some of the trails are years and years old, however we do happen to ride some fresh trails and end up at active mining stations every once in a while. I will have to post some more pictures later, but wanted to post some pictures today of the beautful mountainside views we do get to experience while riding.

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