Friday, May 29, 2009

What's in the Bag???

FREEBIES - - -that's what! Yes, you guessed is that time again at Harris Teeter when they triple manufactures coupons and I go and get me some free stuff. I was a little late getting there this week so a lot of stuff was sold out already, but I still managed to get right at $24.00 worth of stuff for a whopping $2.51!!!! (Only spent that much because I splurged on buying this snazzy recyclable 99 cents Harris Teeter shopping bag!

So......what's in the bag? Let's see what I was able to get today....

1 can Betty Crocking Frosting

1 bag Mahatma Rice

1 Dawn Dish Liquid

2 Hormel Chicken N Dumpling Meals - I know, I don't like them either but the kids will eat them.

1 Spray N Wash - necessary to get the muddy stains from little Js baseball pants

2 bags of Snyder Pretzel Nibbles

1 Harris Teeter handy dandy grocery bag.

So....basically I paid $2.51 for a $2.99 bag of pretzel nibbles and got everything else for FREE! My favorite word!

What are you getting FREE this week! Share your deals!

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