Friday, May 8, 2009

Cake Decorating Class has Began! it is. The famous "Parchment Paper Decorator Bag". I know, how exciting is that! I didn't think very much so either!

I been thinking about taking a Cake Decorating Class for the past month. I finally went and signed up last week and it is a 4 week class with one 2-hour lesson each week. Wednesday night I went for my very first class. Was curious what we were going to be doing since we were told to only bring a notebook and pen to the first class and I had not purchased one stinking supply yet. Well......this is what we learned. How to take a huge piece of parchment paper that was shaped like a triangle and shape it into a decorating bag! I of course was the one person in the class that raised their hand and was like "Can't I buy disposable bags already made without having to go through paper folding?" I mean - if I wanted to fold paper I would have signed up for the Origami class right?!

Well - then I folded it and the teacher told me it was a perfect job! So, of course, now I am wanting to go buy me some huge triangles and make some decorator bags! It is not very often someone tells me I am doing something perfect so I better just keep on making them so I can be called perfect some more right! Of course, I come home and show my "better half" my perfectly shaped parchmant bag and he was like "Oh, that is what you been doing for 2 hours?" He obviously didn't appreciate my PERFECT bag!

Stay tuned - next week's class we get to actually decorate a cake - of course I will be using my "perfect" parchment bags made by me!

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