Monday, May 25, 2009


Today was not only Memorial Day, but it also happened to be my mom's birthday!

While the rest of our familiy was up in Kentucky for the Memorial Day Festivities, we stuck around town. One of us had to work today, the new "driver" of the family decided she was going to take "kid brother" for his first ride with her with no adult supervision and go to lunch and the movies and leave ole mom at home alone. I didn't know whether to cry since I was going to be alone and my baby was growing up and venturing out in the world, or should I jump for joy since I had the house to myself for several hours today and I didn't have to drive anyone anywhere and drop off and pick-up. Let's just say I opted for the "Woo Hoo - I'm home alone!"

In the midst of trying to do a little cleaning (not much mind you), laundry (did get several piles of these done today) and cooking dinner for my mom for her birthday, I decided to put my last 3 weeks of cake decorating classes to the test and make my mom a birthday cake - - - including the dreaded Rose! (We have not learned this in class yet, that is this week's lessson.) However, I decided to ignore the "Do not attempt the rose on your own at home, that is for professionals" lecture from the teacher and go for it. Well, 2 cake mixes, 3 batches of made from scratch butter cream icing and 3 hours later I thought I did a pretty darn good job. Not perfect roses mind you, but when the entire family returned home this evening and my mom joined us for dinner, I did not once have to explain what the large pink blob was in the middle of the cake, they all knew they were roses and I even had one comment "That looks like you bought it from the store." Awwww, how sweet was that even if they may not have really meant it. :oD

Well, here is a picture of my cake. Perhaps after I am professionally trained in two days I can post a picture with more realistic looking roses, until then, I am happy with what I accomplished today!

Hope everyone had a safe and fun Memorial Day and hope mom enjoyed her birthday!


  1. that cake is amazing!!!

    and this:

    I opted for the "Woo Hoo - I'm home alone!"

    lol, I do that alot!!

    I got your note about wanting a link to ebay, its in the post. At the bottom where I say Im listing things - the word ebay is a link!

    and thank you for the compliments you gave me :)


  2. Thanks Tracy! "Duh"....about the ebay link. Not sure how I missed that! Have a great week! Can't wait to hear all about it. :)