Tuesday, May 5, 2009

How does a sink fill itself up??

Am I the only one in America that has a sink that automatically fills itself up with dirty dishes without anyone's help? I mean really........I leave home with the dishwasher full and running; washing all the dirty dishes that was in the sink and when I return home late in the evening the dishwasher is full of CLEAN dishes but the sink has miraculously been completely filled with dirty dishes but no one in the house seems to know where they came from!! Apparently I need to go buy a new kitchen sink from Lowe's since mine must clearly have a malfunction since it creates its own dirty dishes!

This is what happened.......I left home yesterday morning, and as described above, left the sink empty with the dishwasher running with all the dirty dishes in it. I got to work and work a full 8 hours, go to the gym and put in an hour long workout there, go get gas, go to Walgreens, get about 3 text from family members at home asking me to pick up other things that they need and whenI get home, about 11 hours after the time I left that morning, I find a sink full of dirty dishes. However, no one seems to know where they came from since all I constantly hear when this happens (yes, this has happened before) is "Those aren't mine."
While taking my shower last night I was trying to determine if I needed to (a) save up money to buy a new kitchen sink since clearly mine is broken, (b) anytime I find dirty dishes in the sink, simply throw them in the garbage since they clearly don't belong in the house since no one seems to know where they came from or (c) let them continue to pile up to the ceiling to see if someone eventually lays claim to them. I am heavily leaning towards (b) for time being. If anyone else has one of these sinks that seem to mass produce dirty dishes on their own, please leave a comment with the brand of sink you have so I don't replace it with yet another broken model.

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