Friday, October 30, 2009

Meet your new best friend!

Well......the above photo doesn't look like much does it? In fact you are probably thinking what in the world is that? Is it a square of parmesean cheese? A pat of butter? Spongebob Square Pants in the nude? It is not none of those things. What this little 2" x 2" little square your next best friend!!!!

I know you don't believe me now, but once you meet him, you will totally understand! This is actually an Adhesive Remover that is sold by Stampin' Up! and me and him have became very close this past week.

Have you ever designed a card, a scrapbook layout or some other papercrafting project only to get to the very end and notice that the back of the project is covered with glue that was stuck to your surface and has now adhesived itself to the back of your project? Or, sometimes you may glue on that last layer on the front of your card only to have a little extra glue or adhesive "sticking out" from that beautiful layer? Then what do you do? You probably do what I used to do and try to scrape it off with your nail or rub it with your finger and then you have usually a little black globby mess or a smudge on your beautiful artwork, right? Well - say goodbye to adhesive smudges and helllloooooo to your new little best friend!

This little guy works just like an eraser does for pencil marks! You simply rub it nice and easy across any little pieces or smudges of adhesive on your artwork and voila! It disappears with ease and no tell-tale smudge marks remain on your project!

You can pick up one of these little cuties on my Stampin' Up! site by clicking the "Shop Now" button up on the right corner of my blog or just by giving me a call or an email! The item number is 103684. The best part - - this little guy is only $3.50 and last foreva!

Hope everyone has a great Friday and an even better weekend!

Stampingly yours,

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