Wednesday, April 29, 2009

What is a Bamberg??

Well, this is a Bamberg. Atleast I think. This is the newest addition to the family. As most of you know, my daughter turns 16 this week and has convinced her father that she wanted (and would take care of.....) a puppy (not sure why he believes her since she has not taken care of any of the other 8+ animals we have had......). But, anyways, he believed her and he went and purchased this cute little thing from the local SPCA yesterday for her, which she had picked out the day before. Don't worry, I made sure they both understood the cute little guy would remain at her father's house and in no way, shape or form, would join my zoo at my own house.
I say I THINK this is Bamberg because I dont really think the poor thing has been given a final name. The SPCA had named him Marley, Jessica had said she was going to name him "Nuffer" when she got him, but then her good ole father named him "Bamberg" on the paperwork when he purchased him which is named after a stupid place he hunts. ( I did remind him, this was not his dog, but his daugther's birthday gift.....) However......when I stopped by to meet the new family member yesterday they were calling him "Junior". Poor guy is not going to know what the heck his name is.
Hopefully by today the two of them can agree on something to call the pup. All I called him was cute!


  1. oh he is seriously adorable! Makes me want a puppy


  2. I just noticed your comment! Trying to get the hang of this blogging thing! LOL Thanks for commenting and for becoming my very first follower! :) Yes, seeing a puppy is kind of like seeing a baby, makes you want to run out and have one, but thank God you have the common sense not to run out and buy one (puppy) or get pregnant! LOL