Saturday, April 25, 2009

Emporium Layouts to share.

Here are the two layouts that we did for my workshop today. I was really pleased how well they turned out and they actually involved no stamping this time. Thought I would share them for those that could not attend the class or possibly inspire someone to pull out their paper and cut to working on layouts this weekend. I have the entire house to myself today so I intend to keep on scrapbooking and cardmaking today to see how much I can create in one day. Of course, have to be "creative" at the same time that I am working on laundry, letting the dogs out, letting the dogs back in, going to see what the dogs are barking at....oh that's right.....NOTHING! They bark just to get me to stop what I'm working on I think. Oh well, gotta run while my creative juices are flowing!

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