Thursday, April 23, 2009

Allow little things to make you happy....

Jeff is constantly laughing at me. Sometimes it is because I will shout out a loud "Woo Hoo" spontaneously and he'll be like "What did you find?" Then I'll say something like "a dime in the dryer" or "a nickel on the floor" and then he is like "Oh, that's it!" The way I look at it, that is better than finding nothing, or certainly better than finding the random Fruit Gusher wrapper or trails of dirt some family members like to leave behind for me to find - right? Little things make me happy.

Like this morning, I was on my way to work and "pouting" because there was no leftover dinner last night for me to bring to lunch today and I was already STARVING at 7:45 a.m.. I had promised myself I was not going to spend another dime on lunch this week (more like I couldn't spend another dime on food this week since I don't have a dime to spend - LOL, one more week until pay day!) but I was hungry, what is a girl to do. ALAS - I remembered that two weeks ago I got my last stamp on a "frequent lunch card" from a local sandwich shop which entitled me to a free sandwich! WOO HOO! That just made my morning! I been smiling ever since! Can't beat a free lunch. Well.....technically I guess you can, but today, FREE lunch has made my day!

Find something small in your life to smile about! If for no other reason, when you smile it makes some people wonder what you are up to! :)

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