Friday, January 9, 2009


I am sooooo glad it is Friday! This week actually flew by for me. I think partly because I am so excited to get back into my scrapbooking/card making. I have several people interested in attending classes so this weekend I will be creating layouts, cards, and other projects and putting together my upcoming class schedule. I am so excited. Of course first I have to finish unpacking all my crafty stuff (still not completely unpacked the stuff since my move since I have no where to put it) and find a nook for it, but I WILL get it done this weekend....I can't wait. Stay tuned and I'll be sure and share some of my artwork. Well, for now I better get off this blog and get busy here at work so my day will fly by and I can get home. I'm thinking Pizza Night tonight! I am promising myself I will start eating healthier and actually drink water starting on Monday so I am getting in all the fried and fattening stuff I can this weekend. :o) (I must confess, I stopped for 2 doughnuts this morning.....but....Y-U-M-M-Y!)

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