Friday, July 26, 2013

Healthy Lifestyle Living - Grilled Ceasar Salad

Yes, me and the hubster are in our mid-40s and although we have tried the "dieting" thing over the last several years, nothing ever sticks because we never do it "together".  Three weeks ago I announced I was changing my eating habits and within 24 hours the hubby jumped on the boat with me.  It is sooooo much easier when you are both heading in the same direction!  Now to get the kids "on board" and we will be doing something!

Last weekend I decided I wanted to break down and try a "grilled salad" like I had been hearing about.  No - I don't mean a salad with a slab of grilled chicken on the top, but I mean an actual "grilled" salad!   Well, since I do NOT even touch our grill, that means I had the idea, but hubby had to implement it. He is good at it, as long as I give him the recipe and instructions, he doesn't mind at all pulling that baby out the garage and grilling away.

So......this is what we ended up with.  Looks delish?

Easy Peasy!!! To say the least! See below for the recipe I threw together using my favorite Tastefully Simple products!

Romaine Head/Heart of lettuce
Olive Oil
Tastefully Simple Seasoned Salt
Black Pepper
Tastefully Simple Bacon Bacon
Parmesean Cheese (grated)
Plain Bread Crumbs

Slice Romaine in half lengthwise keeping the end intact.
Drizzle Olive Oil on lettuce (both sides) along with seasoning with Seasoned Salt and Black Pepper
Place lettuce cut side down on piece of foil on grill.  (medium to high heat) and Grill for 2 minutes.  (If you want a more "charred" lettuce with grill marks you can place directly on the grill grid.)
Flip lettuce over and sprinkle with Bacon Bacon, Parmesean Cheese and Bread Crumbs (in that order) and grill for another 2 minutes.
Drizzle with Ceasar Salad dressing and Enjoy!  - - The salad is tasty enough to even enjoy without the dressing!

Let me know what you think!


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