Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Product Review: Dr. Scholls For Her Comfort Insoles

Guess what day it is? Yep, that's right - it is Happy Hump Day Wednesday! Gotta love that week is half way over already for sure.

As some of you know, in the last week or so I received a box of goodies from Influenster with various products inside that they asked me to try out, sample, and give them provide them with feedback of my honest opinions.    Well, inside that box, Influenster provided to me on half of Dr. Scholls a pair of Dr. Scholls For Her Comfort Insoles.  I thought, well that is nice, but didn't get too excited, I mean how can you get excited over insoles, right?

Well - - let me tell you - start getting excited!  Honestly, I did put off trying them because I immediately noted on the package it said for sizes 6-10.  Really? The same person that wears a size 6 can wear the same insoles of a size 10 person?  Well, that told me that it was a "size 10" insole and I was going to have to cut it down to size and who's got time for that?  If I had simply taken the time to read the entire package upon receipt, I would have noted that it said "no cutting required" and it is true.  Somehow, someway, you just slide them in your shoe and they work!  Maybe it's magic, I don't know, but who cares how it works, it simply worked and fit perfectly in my shoe.

I wear flats to work all the time and, like some moms, instead of treating myself to new shoes all the time, I tend to treat the other family members to stuff before I treat myself. As such, my flats tend to get "flatter and flatter" on the insoles, ie. less comfortable.  Let me tell you - I slipped the insoles right in my "flattest" of flats and Oila! - it was like I had new shoes on my feet!

The gel-like material made for a "cool sensation" on my feet which was nice.  They also had gave extra support and cushion right where I needed them.  I was also worried before trying them that they would "take up room" in my shoes and make my shoes tight and less comfortable.  They did not!  Again, not sure how they didn't but they didn't.

Usually after working all day long I immediately come home, throw my shoes in the closet and slip on my comfy slippers before I start cooking dinner, etc.  Honestly, the last three days of wearing these insoles, I have not bothered to slip into my slippers until after dinner, cleaning the kitchen, taking care of dogs, etc. etc.  They are that comfortable!

Do you have uncomfortable shoes or are on your feet all day?  Try and pair of Dr. Sschools for Her Comfort Insoles and let me know what you think.  I don't think you will disappointed.

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