Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Week Countdown!!!!

It has been ages since I have been on here, and to think I had seemed to be finally getting the hang of posting daily or at least more regular. This planning a wedding the last 3 weeks has just put a kink in my blogging! I am not complaining though!!!!! I am one happy girl these days!

Anyway, just wanted to let everyone know I am on my "week countdown" to my wedding which is going to be July 30th. Taking a very brief "family-moon" (that is the "new" honeymoon where you take your children with you........we shall see how that goes - LOL) and will be getting back home and back to the daily grind of working on August 3!

I have some BIG plans for my scrapbooking and card making and paper projects in general during the month of August and can not wait to get back home full of energy to get started with them!!

Mom will be at home watching all our four-legged babies while we are gone (yes the headcount on those now are up to 3!!!! - Karma, Romeo and our new bundle of joy - Juliet) I am sure mom will not be referring to her as a "bundle of joy" by the time we return home. She is a 13 week old Golden Retriever puppy and is full of energy.....and apparently full of pee! LOL. She will go right outside and pee 4 times in a matter of 5 minutes and then walk right back in the back door and pee on the floor like that is what she is supposed to do. The last two days she has been doing very good with that so hopefully "Granny" wont have to deal with that while we are gone. :)

Please stay tuned during the month of August and hopefully I will get back in the full swing of daily posting with lots of artwork and more news on the papercrafting front!! I am very excited!

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  1. Tina, hope you enjoy your "family"- moon!!
    and post some pictures of your wedding!!
    can't wait to see your creations next month.