Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Reason for Missing.......

Hello fellow bloggers. I am so sorry I have not been on here for over a week. I was finally getting the hang of posting on "almost" a daily basis and then I completely fell off the wagon last week. There are reasons though........well, mainly one reason........Last Monday (the day after my last post) me and Jeff began discussions on finally setting a wedding date and we decided last week that are going to get married July 30. And by July 30, I mean 2009 - - - like 3 weeks away!!!! And, to top it off, we decided to get married in a completely different state! So........instead of paper crafting or blogging, or any other stuff along those lines, I have been buzzing around like a little bee trying to get marriage licenses, officiants, photographers, and a wedding dress all lined up which has kept me buzily buzzing this past week!

I am happy to report that everything has practically fell into place rather smoothly and we are set to get married on the 30th and the Clerk is overnighting the marriage license as we speak!

So......just wanted to let everyone out there know that yes, I am still alive, and yes, I am wanting to continue playing with paper! (The week before I of course happened to order all these new stamps and stuff and now they are just sitting very lonely in a box waiting on the day when I have time to "ink em up"! The rest of this week and part of next is filled with other last minute things to do but I am hoping by next weekend I can sit down and create!

Stay tuned!!!!!


  1. Glad your back...can't wait to see some artwork!!

  2. and CONGRATS!!! take lots of photos so we can see.