Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Quick Update!!

I just realized today that I have neglected my little blog on life's daily adventures! I am sorry, but between working, crafting, training and just life in general, I seem to have a lot of things slipping through the cracks lately!

However - I have not given up on this running yet. In the past two weeks since my last post, I have managed to continue getting in a few runs per week when the weather cooperated. However between 100 degree weather and lots of run, that has been tricky.

Last Saturday, which was DAY 53 of training, I met the team for our regular Saturday morning run and managed a 6 mile run at a 16 minute/mile pace. Even little J went with me and managed out the 6 miles! He now says he will go with me this coming weekend for an "easy 4 mile run". We shall see if he sticks to that plan...... I can say that on Saturday I was able to complete my 6 miles without too much pain and for the first time was able to say "I think I can actually do this!". So...I am looking forward to the next 10 weeks of training to get me to the Finish Line!

On Sunday, July 11, I hosted my First Annual "Get Tee'd Off at Leukemia" Golf Tournament and it was a huge success! I'll try to post some pictures later. Had 15 four-man teams come out for a great Captain's Choice tournament at Miler Country Club where they were given free beer, soda and water and even a cookout lunch following the tournament. Everyone seemed to have a great time and several asked "When are you doing this again?"

Thanks to everyone that came out and helped me run this tournament and especially for those that played the tournament and helps to support this great cause!


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